10 Tips to Ensure Your DV Lottery Application Isn’t Disqualified

The creation of the DV Lottery Program provides an exciting opportunity for Australians seeking residency in the United States, and is a pretty simple process. But all too often you can find your application denied, sometimes without a clear reason as to why. Here are 10 Tips you can follow to make sure your application to the Australia visa lottery isn’t disqualified, and give yourself the best chance of securing your permanent Green Card residency in the United States.

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1. Make Sure Your Country is Eligible

The DV Lottery takes 50,000 people every year, but some countries have exceeded this limit all on their own. Residents of these countries will be ineligible for the DV Lottery. For Australian residents, this is easy: Australia is eligible this year and often is. Still, it never hurts to check the list of DV-eligible countries before you apply. Potential candidates could find that their home country makes them ineligible for the DV Lottery. You can also apply if your country is ineligible as long as your spouse or parents reside in an eligible country.

2. Have the Necessary Education or Work Experience to Apply

Another rule for the Australian Visa Lottery revolves around education and work experience. You’ll need to have two years of work experience, or have graduated from secondary school. This information won’t be on your application, but a consular officer will request them if you are selected from the lottery draw. If you can’t provide either of these, your application will be disqualified.

3. Check the Occupation List

If your application relies on work experience, check the occupation list to make sure that your job is one that applies to the DV Lottery. Some occupations may not be on the list or may require a certain level of Specific Vocational Preparation (SVP). Please use the following links for information on the DV Lottery Occupation List and Specific Vocational Preparation.

4. Don’t Forget to List ALL Eligible Dependents

When you’re writing your application, be sure to include all eligible dependents on your form. This is typically your spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 21. If your spouse is submitting an application, they must still include you in their own list of dependents. Accidentally leaving off an eligible dependent will cause your application to be denied.

5. Provide Individual Photographs for Each Eligible Family Member

One common mistake from Australian visa lottery applicants is providing a family photo of all of their eligible dependents. This will cause your application to be disqualified, so make sure that you have an individual photo for each family member. There are also specific requirements for the photos, which can be found here.

6.Check Your Status Online Regularly

After you’ve applied, be sure to check your status through the links provided by the DV Lottery. You’ll need to respond quickly once your status is confirmed. More people are selected than there are Green Cards each year, and failing to move swiftly once you’ve been selected could leave you empty-handed and fundamentally disqualified.

7. Don’t Submit Multiple Entries for One Lottery

While there are some ways of improving your chances to win the Australian visa lottery, specifically through having a spouse submit their own application, you can’t submit multiple applications yourself. If an applicant is found to have multiple submissions, they will be disqualified.

8. Include Your Spouse Even If You Are Separated

Some applicants do not include their spouse despite being married because they consider themselves separated. Unless there is a legal separation and you have documentation to prove it, make sure to include them on your application. They don’t need to travel with you on your move or travel to the US at all, but failing to include them on your application will cause it to be rejected.

9. Use a Third Party Immigration Service

These are all fairly general tips, but there can be many specific nuances with Australian visa lottery submissions. A third party immigration service can review applications to make sure that everything is in order for your submission. However, be wary of scammers! Remember that this is a free Australian visa lottery; any company that requests funds for their services should be substantially researched before going forward. Here is a link for information on how to avoid DV Lottery scammers.

10. Above All, Be Honest in Your Submission

Some applicants have been told by their peers that they have higher or lower chances depending on what their applications say. This is entirely untrue. The Australia visa lottery process is a randomized draw, with the only certainty being disqualification for failing to follow the guidelines or providing faulty information. Even if you aren’t immediately disqualified, you could face repercussions later if you are selected and complete the immigration process. This means deportation, and possibly criminal charges.

We recommend that you complete the application form and you will be notified if your country becomes eligible for each year’s green card lottery, or if any other changes are made to the official US government diversity visa program.

Best of luck on your submission, and safe journeys if you’re selected!


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