Diversity Visa Italy


The United States has a reputation of being an international melting pot for all the cultures of the world as it offers the opportunity to citizens of all countries to immigrate. With the US diversity visa Program, those looking forward to settle in the United States can get permanent and legal citizenship that entitles them to an entire spectrum of benefits.
If you live in Italy, were born in Italy, or have Italian parents, please read on for more details about diversity visa Italy.

What is the Diversity Visa Program?

America’s Diversity Visa Lottery Program is an opportunity that provides 55,000 immigrant visas every year. The US Department of State through the lottery program invites citizens of eligible countries to apply for a permanent US nationality. Winners are selected randomly from the qualified entries to the program and can bring along their spouse and any children under the age of 21 to work and live there permanently. Once you have passed the strict eligibility requirements, you can easily apply for a US residence visa.

Eligibility of Italians for a Diversity Visa

An important policy of the US diversity visa Program is that no immigrant visas will be granted to citizens of those countries that have sent more than 50,000 citizens in the past five years.
Italy is in the list of countries that are eligible to apply for the program and therefore you have a chance to apply this year for the diversity visa. In 2010, 529 Italian citizens were granted permanent residences in the United States. This year, you could be among the lucky ones who
get to voyage to the land that has so much to offer in terms of employment, education, entertainment and security.

Non Immigrant Visa Alternatives

When the Green Card lottery program is not an option that you want to consider, or if you do not meet the diversity visa criteria, you can apply for a non-immigrant visa to the US that is given for a shorter time period. This alternative, however, does not come with the provision of rights that a US citizen usually has. The non-immigrant visas are given for Student Exchange (J-1 Visa) programs, Temporary Work (H-1 Visa) programs, education, journalism, tourism, and business purposes.

The relationship between Italy and USA

Italy has warm and friendly relations with the United States, and they have enjoyed bilateral agreements for peace, prosperity, and security. It is a strong ally of the United States in matters of counter terrorism and continues to seek its cooperation in areas of strife and civil conflict.
Italy has important U.S. military forces stationed at Vicenza and Livorno, Aviano and Sigonella, Gaeta, and Naples – home port for the U.S. Navy Sixth Fleet.

Immigration from Italy to United States

Before 1870, Italian immigration to the US was insignificant with only 4000 Italians residing in the US in 1850. Between 1876 and 1976, Italian immigration increased significantly with the population reaching 44,000 in 1880 to 484,027 in 1900. Italians have long been hit by poverty, natural disasters and economic downturns. The earliest Italian immigrants to the United States were northern Italians, who became fruit merchants in New York and wine growers in California.
Later on, more migrants came from southern Italy and the resulting communities clearly depicted the regional differences between Italian people.

Communities of Italians in the US

According to the U.S. Census Bureau Report, more than 15 million Italians were living in the USA in 2000 representing 5.6% of the US population. Communities of Italian Americans were settled mostly in major industrial cities of the early 20th century and today New York and New Jersey has the largest numbers of Italian Americans.

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