DV 2019 Instructions

Anyone who had to rely on the DV 2019 Instructions to make their entry for the green card lottery may have struggled to understand them. Though the material appears in a long list of different languages (including Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, Farsi, French, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Nepali, Polish, Romanian, Thai, and English among many others), it is still a very confusing list of steps, eligibility criteria, deadlines and more.

Additionally, there were DV 2019 Instructions and also instructions for DV 2019, as well as instructions for the years prior to that. This is because things like eligibility change from year to year based on the current immigration data and statistics.

Confused already? Most people hoping to win one of the green cards available through the Diversity Immigration Program become extremely confused by the terms and requirements for entering the lottery. This is why many of them give up and skip entering, or they accidentally disqualify themselves by doing something wrong.

Is there a solution to the confusion that documents like DV 2019 Instructions might cause? Actually, there is a very simple solution, and it involves gathering all of your relevant information and then working with a reliable consultant who can assist you through the entire process, help you with any follow up, and even help with your submissions in following years if you are not one of the lucky ones for that year.

How DV 2019 Instructions Might Have Foiled Your Efforts

Naturally, you may not yet have seen something like the DV 2019 Instructions or the rules for entering the Diversity Visa program. In fact, all of this might be entirely new to you, and you might be wondering just how to determine if this is something that applies to you or not.

To keep things simple, the DV 2019 Instructions outline who is eligible for entrance into what is often called the “green card lottery”. This is an apt name for the program because those who enter properly and who win one of the visas are actually given a chance to have a green card immediately.

Now, that last sentence may have confused you. You might be thinking, “Wait, they don’t get the green card automatically when they are drawn in the lottery?” The most honest answer to that is “No”. And this is where help with the entire process becomes invaluable.

Imagine finding out that you are indeed eligible to enter, take the time to make the application, and then successfully complete it. You check in through the website and wait to hear if you are someone chosen as a winner. You get word that you were selected as a winner and you wait for your visa to arrive.

However, that visa won’t arrive on its own. In fact, being selected in the diversity immigrant visa lottery does not even mean you will get that green card at all. This is because more winners are chosen than there are visas available, and if you do not leap at the chance for claiming yours all of the visas may be gone by the time you do.

This is why reading and fully understanding the DV 2019 Instructions is so crucial to actually getting that green card.

What is DV 2019?

If you are considering how to apply for a visa to enter the United States, you may already know that there are only a limited number of ways you might do so. You might be able to apply with the sponsorship of a family member who is a citizen or green card holder; you might be able to request asylum or refuge; you might get a visa through an employer; the Director of the CIA can give you access to a visa; or you can win in the Diversity Visa Program.

The reason that you would want to win in the lottery is simple: it is the fastest and least frustrating way of gaining a visa to enter the United States. Also, it can’t be overlooked that it means you enter with a green card in hand, and with all of the rights and privileges of a lawful permanent resident.

However, you must understand such things as the DV 2019 Instructions, or whichever instructions apply to your application, in order to really understand what you are doing and what it means for you in terms of gaining access to the United States.

Before we look any closer at just what the DV 2019 is, let’s be sure you understand what entering the lottery in general means.

Entering the Lottery

First, the United States Department of State administrates the program, and it gives out 55,000 visas (green cards) each year. Five thousand are set aside for a special program, and the remaining 50,000 are available to those eligible for the lottery. Not everyone can enter, and countries that have sent more than 50,000 immigrants into the United States over the previous five years are automatically ruled out of the running.

That is only one eligibility factor, and there are also age restrictions, definitions around what it means to be a “native” of a qualifying country, and more. Though 50,000 does seem like a lot, there are usually many millions (often more than six million) who apply. Enormous percentages of these people disqualify themselves by entering more than once, forgetting key information, or making some mistake by misreading such documents as the DV 2019 Instructions.

Even when someone enters successfully and wins, there is still the threat of losing out on the chance for the visa simply because they do not complete the process in the time required. In fact, there are more winners selected than actual visas available, and failing to act in a timely manner or complete the process as outlined in the instructions can actually lose someone the chance at their visa.

Reading the instructions also makes it clear to applicants that their entry is viewed by the Department of State as a petition for a visa. This means that also attempting to get a nonimmigrant visa may cause confusion with the authorities and weaken an applicant’s position.

Rather than jeopardize your chances at a win, it is best to consult with green card experts who can help with a lottery entry and any follow up necessary to claiming the green card if you win.


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