DV-2020 stands for Diversity Visa 2020 and is the official name for this year’s (2020) green card lottery program. The reason the green card lottery is named DV-2020, is because 2020 is the year in which successful applicants who won a green card in this year’s lottery will be able to enter the USA as permanent residents.

The diversity visa (DV) first ever program was named DV-1995.

Right from the very start, 13 countries were not allowed to participate:

China (mainland)
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
South Korea
United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories
Over the years, based on the number of immigrants to the US during the previous 5 years
for each green card lottery, changes were made to the list of eligible countries.

The following changes took place since the diversity visa program started:

DV-1996: Colombia becomes ineligible
DV-1998: Poland becomes ineligible
DV-2002: Poland and Taiwan become eligible. Pakistan becomes ineligible
DV-2004: East Timor becomes eligible
DV-2005: Russia becomes ineligible.
DV-2007: Poland becomes ineligible again
DV-2008: Brazil and Peru become ineligible; Serbia and Montenegro are listed as separate countries and they are both eligible
DV-2009: Ecuador and Guatemala become ineligible
DV-2010: Russia becomes eligible; Kosovo added as a separate country and is eligible
DV-2013: Poland becomes eligible; Bangladesh is removed from the eligible country list
DV-2014: Guatemala becomes eligible.
There has been no indication of whether there will be any changes to the list of eligible countries for DV-2020.

The decision is only made once the real number of immigrants to the US is known for the year prior to the lottery.

You are welcome to visit our website again, as it will be kept up to date with the list of eligible countries for the green card program.

We recommend that you complete the application form and you will be notified if your country becomes eligible for each year’s green card lottery, or if any other changes are made to the official US government diversity visa program.

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