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Now is the Time to Prepare for DV 2020
The 2020 Diversity Visa program (DV-2020) is now open.

The entry form will only be available for submission during this period and this period only. Entries will NOT be accepted through the U.S. Postal Service.

Submit your green card application for this year diversity visa program today!

Have you looked at the immigration process for those interested in heading to the United States? Just reading about it can be incredibly disheartening. It requires that you enter into a three-phase process that includes a petition, waiting for an immigrant visa to become available (there are always specific quotas for different countries or applicants), and then a final confirmation of the status.

Most applications can take years, and though someone might enter the country and work within its borders while waiting for their “green card”, there is no guarantee that this will occur. It is a labor-intensive process that, although well worth the effort, can be confusing to almost anyone who attempts it.

Naturally, there are several types of sponsorship you can use when you petition the government for a visa, such as:

A family member already a U.S. citizen
An employer offering you a job in the U.S.
Special approval from the Director of the CIA
As a refugee or someone in need of asylum
Through the green card lottery
It is the lottery that so many immediately want to learn about because it is exactly as it sounds. You make an entry for the lottery, and if you are a lucky winner you can get a green card without further complications, waiting, and so on.

Of course, there are special requirements that must be met, and special rules to follow. Because they can be such strong determining factors in your success, it is important to know about them long before you plan on entering the lottery. Right now, the upcoming lottery will be known as DV 2017, and anyone serious about entering and winning should begin preparing now.

Work With Assistance to Get the Best Chance at a DV 2017 Win
Before you can even make an entry into DV 2017 you need to know if you are someone eligible for the lottery. The United States Department of State has created this program in order to encourage natives of countries with the lowest rates of immigration into the United States to apply, and that means that some countries of origin are deemed ineligible.

The program sets aside 55,000 visas. 5k are reserved especially for the NACARA or Nicaraguan and Central American Relief Act, and the remaining 50,000 are available annually. So, DV 2017 will be a lottery for 50k green cards for those who qualify.

The eligible countries are spread out over six different regions of the globe, and no country is going to be awarded more than seven percent of the visas in any drawing. The ineligible countries are determined by an assessment of immigration statistics from the previous five years. Any country that has sent more than 50,000 immigrants into the United States over the previous five years appears on the ineligible list.

If you are a native of one of those countries, you cannot apply. If you do not live in one of the ineligible locales, you may qualify, but you must meet the State Department’s definition of a native, as well. This simply means that you must have been born in that country – even if you are not living there at the time you enter the lottery.

Is that it? No, you have meet the age requirement, the native status, and you should also take the time to understand what filing for the DV 2020 might mean for any other petition for immigration you plan on making.

What Applying for DV 2020 Will Mean
Though it could be easily said that entering the DV 2020 is a wise step and offers nothing but positive outcomes, there is a risk if you ignore that it is actually a petition to the government. For example, if you enter it is seen as the same thing as making a petition for a visa.

This implies that you intend to immigrate and take on permanent resident status. If you then go on to apply as a nonimmigrant in order to work for a while in the United States, it could be seen as a negative against you. Understanding this when you enter the DV 2020 is important because it does establish you as someone looking to become a permanent resident, and perhaps even a citizen, in the future and such things will be taken into consideration if you do not win a visa and pursue one in the future.

Of course, you should also know what it means if you do win in DV 2020 . Far too many entrants make the mistake of believing that getting word of a winning entry translates to an automatic visa. There are more than five million entries each year, and only 50,000 visas. The pool of entries chosen is larger than the number of visas available and so even a win does not guarantee the visa unless all of the appropriate steps are taken after notification arrives.

Get Help With DV 2020
Because the instructions for the green card lottery are notoriously confusing, and because it is far too easy to disqualify yourself accidentally (such as sending in an electronic entry twice), it is best if you get help with the entire DV 2020 process.

Apply for a US residence visa.

You can go straight to the State Department’s website to get the Diversity Visa Programs Entry Instructions (found at http://travel.state.gov/content/visas/english/immigrate/diversity-visa/instructions.html), which are available in a long list of languages ranging from Armenian and Farsi to French and Japanese, you might fare better with professional assistance from Diversity Immigration Visa Program experts.

These are people who will be able to help you fill out your entry correctly (eliminating the risk of disqualification because you forgot one little detail), but they can also help you with all of the follow up necessary. Checking up on the status of your entry, finding out if you won, knowing what to do if you did, and submitting for you automatically each year (including the upcoming DV 2020 ) are just part of the services.

The green card lottery is a truly great opportunity for millions. Don’t miss your chance by making a small mistake or misunderstanding instructions. Get reliable assistance and keep your fingers crossed!

The 2020 Diversity Visa program (DV-2020) is now open.

The entry form will only be available for submission during this period and this period only. Entries will NOT be accepted through the U.S. Postal Service.

Submit your green card application for this year diversity visa program today!

Apply for a US residence visa.