DV Lottery Help

You can fill in the online application form yourself or use immigration consultants to help you out with the DV Lottery process. There are advantages for using such services, as long as they are legitimate companies: Some of those benefits include:

  • Access to immigration specialists all year round (not only during the lottery).
  • Access to consultants who speak foreign languages.
  • Review of your application details and photographs by experienced agents to make sure it meets the most updated requirements. This saves you the time of educating yourself and understanding what sometimes can be confusing information.
  • Multiple years submission options
  • Option of submitting paper application forms, which will be submitted online for you.
  • Option of submitting printed passport photographs that will be scanned and submitted
  • Checking your application and notifying you of your status

If you use these services, make sure you receive a proof of submission and note down the unique confirmation number. Try to hire professional services that are reputable.  Some fraudulent agencies may demand heavy sums of money for disclosing your unique confirmation number or downloading application forms both of which are “free” on the official DV website.

Whenever you hire visa consultants to get DV Lottery help, you need to be extra cautious as there are a number of fraudulent websites and scammers who could cheat you by:

  • Claiming affiliation with the U.S. government. (Note only websites ending in .gov are official US government websites).
  • Claiming high success rate for DV selection. (The DV selection is not controlled by anyone but the US government. There are however, several legitimate techniques for increasing your chances, such as submitting a double application – one under your name and one under your spouse name and including the other spouse in the application)
  • Promising to make you eligible even if you don’t fulfill the eligibility criteria.

When Using Diversity Visa Agencies,

  • Make sure your agent submits only one entry per person otherwise all of your entries will be disqualified.
  • You should never mail or hand over your original personal documents such as birth certificates, education certificates, degrees, marriage and divorce documents, because none of those documents are required for the DV lottery application.
  • Remember there are no charges for the US application itself. The immigration consultancy firms or agents may charge you for their professional services as they assist you throughout the process to make sure your application is submitted correctly.
  • You will have to pay the official “visa fee” to the US government, only after you get selected in the lottery. You need to make the payments in person at the U.S. embassy or consulate usually on your interview day.

There are a few highly reputable green card lottery agencies around that can provide professional DV Lottery help. To receive a FREE introductory consultation, please complete the form in the following link and an immigration consultant will contact you with.