Finished The Green Card Interview – What’s next?

After the completion of your interview, you should keep your fingers crossed for the result. Normally, you will be informed about your interview results on the same day but in some instances the decision may be delayed. You may have to revisit your Embassy or Consulate on another day to know your result.

If You Are Successful

If you qualify the visa interview, you will have an immigrant visa sticker placed in your passport. You will also receive a sealed envelope that will have to be presented at your port of entry in the United States.

If Your Application is Denied

In the unfortunate case you fail your interview or your visa is denied, you will be a given a written reason by the consular officer. Most probable reasons for the denial of visa include:

  • Presenting false documents or information
  • Being ineligible, i.e. you do not meet all the criteria required for admission
  • You may be considered ineligible on the basis of:
    • Health
    • Criminal or police records
    • Security reasons
    • Labor certification
  • You are unable to justify your documental proofs or you did not answer the officer’s questions in a convincing way.
  • Sometimes, you can be given a SECOND chance by the consular officer to submit your missing documents after your interview is complete. You still have an opportunity to get an immigrant visa if the final decision goes in your favor. This is a risky situation so it is better that you have all documents completed prior to the interview.
  • You may also be rejected if you tried to claim US citizenship through illegal means, entered US using criminal or illegal acts or illegally stayed in the US beyond your permitted period.

Applying For a Waiver

Consulting your attorney before visa interview may help you rule out your chances of denial to a great extent. Many applicants are not aware that they are inadmissible on the basis of health, security or other reasons and only come to know about it at the time of their visa interview.

There are different types of immigrant waivers that can prevent you from being rejected for a certain reason. These waivers are helpful but the process of a waiver approval is lengthy and complicated. The available forms for waivers (Form I-212 or Form I-601) must be filled according to the instructions as incomplete or incorrect waivers are not approved. It is better you seek help from an attorney to help you prepare your application for a Waiver of Inadmissibility with Form I-212 or Form I-601.

Note: Your ground of inadmissibility largely determines the type of waiver you can apply for.

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