Germany Green Card Lottery


With so much history shared between the USA and Germany, it makes sense that citizens of Germany would want to continue entering the US and gradually become citizens of the United States. One of the easiest ways in which this can be done is by winning the green card lottery program. When reviewing previous lottery statistics, it is definitely a viable option for any German to apply and take part in the green card program as the odds of winning a green card for German citizens are fairly good in comparison with other eligible countries taking part. To read more Germany green card lottery information, and eligibility history, please read on.

Germany & the Green Card Lottery

One of the things about immigration to the USA is that it can be challenging if you want to go through the path that requires working in order to establish your residency. However, the diversity visa program has always included Germany, which means that this is considered to be a country with relatively low immigration rates to the USA. This means Germans have the certainty of knowing that the odds of Germany being removed from the list of eligible countries is very low. Every year, a significant number of green cards are distributed to people that are from the European Union. Statistics back this claim, as very few countries of the EU have
been deemed ineligible for entry into the lottery.

Odds of winning the lottery for German natives

Countries that are a part of the European Union have a relatively higher winning rate for obtaining a green card. On average, 2,000 German citizens win the green card lottery program every year in the last 3 years. 

Therefore, your chances of winning the right to permanently live & work in America are relatively high if you were born in Germany, or have a German parent or spouse.

German Influence in the USA

Germans have always been an integral part of the USA. The plethora of dialects that are across the country is a testament to that fact. Most German settlers are found in North Dakota and South Dakota. The dialects are also pretty strong here, and it is the second most spoken
language in the state. Other places with Dutch settlements Pennsylvania, Indiana and even very small pockets of Texas. Most Germans that are migrating to the US in recent times are arriving to live & work. This is still in smaller numbers, which is why there aren’t as many German communities in the USA as other communities. Since people from Germany tend to be highly skilled, the new age of immigrants come equipped with some high end skills that can be put to use in modern science and technology.

The green card lottery program aims to increase the number of native Germans in the country, and has been doing so in small but steady numbers. It is also possible to enter the country with a work visa, which will help Germans get employed and find a job that best fits their needs. You can consult with the US consulate for additional information on settling down in the USA.

If you are looking to apply for a green card through the green card lottery program you can do so either directly with the US department of state, or by using the services of experienced green card review & submission agencies. There are many benefits to using the services of experienced agents, as it removes the need for you to familiarize yourself with all the rules & regulations related to the diversity visa program and makes sure that you submit a valid application that will not get disqualified for any reason.

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