Green Card Application Form

The following article details the information that will be required of you when completing your green card application form:

  • Your Full Name

This includes your family name /last name, first name and middle name. You should enter your name in the same way as it appears on your passport and other official documents. Make sure you spell your name correctly and enter it in the correct blank field of the form.

The correct order of completing the name section of the form is:

First your family name

Second your first name and

Last your middle name.

  • Your Date of Birth

This is filled in month-date-year (mm-dd-yyyy) format.

  • Place of Birth

You should mention the city you were born in.

  • Country of Birth

You should mention the country, which you were born in, even if it is not an eligible country and you will be submitting your application with a different country as your native country.

  • Country of Eligibility or Chargeability for the Diversity Visa Program

This normally is your country of birth, however, if your country of birth is not eligible for the DV program, you can be “charged” to your parents or your spouse’s eligible country of birth.

  • Your present place of stay or country where you live today
  • Gender
  • Your Photograph

Please review the technical specifications for the digital images that need to be submitted for the DV program. Make sure that photographs of your children and your spouse also meet the same requirements.

  • Your Mailing Address

You will be required to mention your address, city, province/state/district/, postal code/ zip code and country. Some Green Card review services offer as part of their package the option of using their address as your official postal address, in case you are about to move and want to maintain a fixed address for the purpose of the green card program.

  • Phone Number

Entering your phone number is optional but is recommended.

  • Email Address

You must provide an email address that you access directly. You will not be notified of your selection via email but you can know the details of your immigrant visa interview (after successful selection) as a follow up after you get a positive response on Entrant Status Check.

  • Your Education

You must only mention the single highest level of education you achieved until the date of the application. Options include: (1) Primary school only, (2) High school, no degree, (3) High school degree, (4) Vocational school, (5) Some university courses, (6) University degree, (7) Some graduate level courses, (8) Masters degree, (9) Some doctorate level courses, and (10) Doctorate degree.

  • Please mention one option that represents your highest level.

If you don’t fulfill the education criteria and plan to apply based on occupation or work experience, you need to refer to the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) online database.

The database gives a comprehensive list of occupations that you can use to check whether your occupation qualifies for the DV program.

Note that not all occupations are eligible. Only those who are listed on the DOL Website having a designation as Job Zone 4 or 5 or Specific Vocational Preparation (SVP) range of 7.0 or higher are considered eligible for the Diversity Visa.

You must have two years of related work experience within the last five years before you apply in the occupation listed as eligible to apply for the Diversity Visa program.

  • Your Marital Status

You should clearly mention your marital status even if your spouse or children are not coming with you to the US. You have a choice between the following options: Single (unmarried), married, widowed, divorced or separated.

  • Your Spouse Information

You need to fill in your spouse’s full name (in the same format as you entered your name, i.e. family name – first name – middle name), followed by date and place of birth. (Date needs to be entered in mm-dd-yyyy format).

You will also be required to mention gender and address of your spouse. Failure to give complete information may result in disqualification of your application. You must mention spouse information even if you decide to get divorced before the application process or your spouse will not be joining you in your migration to the US.

Only if you are legally separated (you need to have an official order from the honorable court) or divorced, you don’t need to list your FORMER spouse in your application form.

Even if you and your spouse apply separately (each of you must meet the eligibility criteria) you need to include complete information about your spouse. Whoever gets selected in the process can apply for the visa of the other spouse as a derivative dependent.

In case both of you don’t wish to travel together at the same time (you or your spouse may decide to stay behind and travel later) make sure you include the complete information in the eligible dependent section otherwise your application will be disqualified.

  • Information about Your Children

Your registration must include complete names, date and place of birth, gender, address and photograph of all your natural children, your spouse’s children and children you have adopted according to your country laws.  All children should be under 21 years of age and unmarried.

* Married or children over 21 years of age do not qualify for the Diversity Visa program.

You must also include complete information of your step children and children who no longer live with you (in case you have legally separated from the child’s parent). If you plan to travel alone, you still have to mention your children’s information.

  • If you make a Diversity Visa application and your child becomes 21 before issuing of the visa, the U.S. law may protect your child under Child Status Protection Act.
  • You must not mention children who are legal U.S. permanent residents or U.S. citizens.

If you fail to mention any of your children in your application form, it can result in disqualification of your entry.

Important Considerations When Completing the Online Application Form

  • Online application forms on are available only during the registration period. You can find details about the registration period on the website.
  •  Keep in mind you cannot save Diversity Visa forms to be used later. These forms cannot be printed as they are “web forms” and paper entries are no longer accepted for the program. (Most Green Card submission agencies allow you to send in a printed application form, and they will review and enter it on your behalf into the online form)
  • When you decide to fill in the application form make sure you have all the information you need at including the digital files of your photographs. Images need to be submitted together with the form and cannot be submitted separately.
  • If you are using scanned photographs or photos from your digital camera make sure you adjust them according to the specifications before uploading them. Even a slight non conformance with one of the photos can make your entire application invalid.
  • You have 60 minutes to fill in both parts of your form and submit the entry. If you take longer than sixty minutes to submit your application, the system automatically discards your entered information. Having all information in one place will definitely save time and help you complete the online form quickly.
  • Since the system rejects your application automatically if it takes you more than 60 minutes to complete it, there is no risk that your application will be duplicated. Unless you hit the submit button after filling in your form and you meet all the requirements, your entry is not received by the system as a valid application.
  • If you do not upload technically correct photographs along with your application, your entry will be rejected automatically.
  • You will see a system generated “rejection message” after you submit your application. The time to display this message may vary with speed of your internet connection. Keep in mind that the system cannot recognize the composition of your photographs and doesn’t check if the photo meets the non technical requirements. The responsibility to submit a valid photograph which clearly shows your face is yours.
  • If you sort out the issue and resend the corrected form within sixty minutes of your start time, your entry will be accepted. If sixty minutes elapse, you need to restart the application process.
  • You can submit applications as many times as you need to until you make a successful submission. Once your application is accepted by the system on the Diversity Visa website, you will be given a confirmation response by the system.

If you are unable to see the confirmation message after you press the submit button once, you can repress the button. Once you receive the confirmation number, you cannot resubmit your application otherwise it will be marked as a duplicate entry and may lead to disqualification.

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