Green Card Glossary

Adjust Status or Adjustment of Status: To adjust or change your (a) non-immigrant visa status or (b) permanent resident status (green card)

Affidavit of Support: A document that proves a person (who provides the document) will support the applicant (and family) financially in the U.S. Many visa applications use I-134 Affidavit of Support.

Biometrics: The collection of your biological information such as fingerprinting and iris (eye) scans for identification and verification.

Charge/Chargeable: An immigrant or a person who wants to apply for an immigrant visa can claim or charge to other nationality for the purpose. Normally you are charged to your place of birth but you can use ‘chargeability’ to change your nationality based on your spouse / parents nationality.

Department of Labor: A ministry in the United States that is responsible for dealing with labor issues and deciding which foreign or alien workers can continue to work in the U.S.

Diversity Visa Program: The annual lottery program conducted under Department of State where up to 55,000 immigrants can enter the U.S. each year from countries that have low rates of immigration to the U.S. in the last five years.

Fiscal Year: It is the budget year for the United States government. It starts from October 1 and ends September 30 of the following year.

Green card: A card which is similar to a credit card in size and shows that a person is a lawful permanent resident in the U.S. It is also known as a permanent resident card.Waiver of Ineligibility: A legal permission to apply for an immigrant visa and/or enter the U.S. even though being ineligible. An applicant can apply for a waiver if ineligible on the basis of health or security reasons.

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