Green Card Guide

If you have long been wondering how to get a green card, you need to pull out an online green card guide. A green card guide details how to apply for a green card.

There are several green card types, each with their own eligibility factors that have to be considered when applying for a green card such as: employer sponsorship, family sponsorship, fiance sponsorship, spouse sponsorship and more.

However, if you want to live in the US, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages involved in the process. The major things to consider include:

  • The location where you would like to settle down
  • Whether you will be able to live and blend into the US culture
  • The health care process
  • Real estate affordability in case you want to buy a property
  • Climate
  • Business and employment opportunities
  • Freedom
  • Retirement
  • Education and many other things

Once you have given thought to the various factors involved with immigrating to the US and you wish to become a USA permanent resident, you should learn about the visa process for non-immigrant visa if you are not an immigrant already. If you are an immigrant already, there are unique green card application formalities with respect to the immigrant visa type you already have.

The major immigrant visa categories apart from the DV lottery are:

  • Families of existing immigrants
  • The immediate relatives of US citizens
  • Relatives of US citizens and US green card resident holders based on quota availability

The green card guide will provide you all the information and instructions you need to know about the process applicable for your immigrant category.Apart from that, you can also get clarifications for relevant green card questions such as:

  • The green card interview and evaluation process in depth
  • What if the green card application is denied / rejected
  • What it the green card application is approved
  • Adjustment of status procedures if you are already an immigrant
  • Consular processing
  • Optional procedures if you are applying under a special category

After winning a green card in the green card lottery, it is recommended to use the services of a professional when deciding where to live, the best institution for your field of study, developing a line of credit in the US and much more.

If you intend to buy a property in the US after getting a green card, you need to get in touch with reliable real estate agents, who can advise you where to buy and at what prices.

For new immigrants to the USA, you should seek professional assistance in the following topics:

  • If you have children who are still going to school, deciding between the various public schools in US
  • Selecting a health insurance provider that meets your specific requirements
  • How to procure an American driving license
  • What are the best ways to convert your country’s currency into US dollars (USD)
  • What is the process involved with opening a bank account in the US, and issuing a credit card

These are just a few of the things you might need help with after you get your green card.

A comprehensive green card guide provides you with all you need to know to achieve a smooth immigration to the US. The guide should assist you with everything starting with applying for the green card, the green card requirements for approval, how to renew your green card after you win the lottery and any other post-green card needs like location and settling down with all the life style amenities.

It is recommended that you consult with professionals about the process, to ensure it is quick, smooth and as easy as possible.

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