Green Card Lottery France


The green card lottery is the most popular immigration program that is currently available for US immigrants and it is considered to be a great way to gain lawful entry into the USA.
If you are considering the option of migrating to the USA, this should be an option to keep in mind. French citizens planning to live and work in the USA should definitely learn more about the diversity visa program. When you apply for a green card, there are a number of important requirements you need to be familiar with, to make sure your application is correctly submitted and is not disqualified.

Green Card Lottery France

Fortunately, France is currently included in the green card lottery program and French natives can therefore submit their green card applications and take part in the program. While most European countries are eligible, there are still some that are not on the list including countries like the United Kingdom, due to the fact that over 50,000 migrants from the UK have migrated to the USA during the last five years.
Looking back, France has always been included in the program and is considered to be one of the countries that fall in the lower immigration rate categories, which ensures that France will remain on the list of countries eligible for the diversity visa program (the official name for the green card lottery).

It is important to note, that even for non French citizens, they may still be able to apply for a green card, in case their parents meet the eligibility requirements of the dv lottery program.
If your parent was born in France or is a French citizen, you may be entitled to claim their eligibility for the sake of the green card lottery.

Odds of Winning the Green Card Lottery

Historically, the odds of winning the green lottery by any member of the European Union are relatively high in comparison with some of the other continents. Therefore, by being a French citizen, you have good chances of winning a green card. During the recent US green card programs, French citizens have been awarded with an average of 1,000 green cards every year. Therefore, if you are planning on moving to the USA and are a citizen of France, be sure to take part in the green card lottery program, even if you consider alternative immigration options.

The French population in the USA is heavily concentrated in Louisiana and Maine. 1 out of every 4 people speaks French or has some kind of French ancestry in Louisiana. In the USA, three major dialects of French are Louisiana French, Missouri French and New England French. If you were to look purely at the Francophone communities in the US, you will find a population of more than 1,000 inhabitants in various areas of Maine including Fort Kent, Van Buren, Frenchville as well as Madawaska. Other areas with a good number of French inhabitants include the bay area of San Francisco as well as pockets of New England and New Jersey.

Other ways to migrate from France to the USA

You don’t necessarily have to enter the green card lottery in order to become a permanent resident of the US. There are other ways to permanently or temporarily live & work in the USA including the option to join as a graduate student and obtain employment following the graduation. Additionally, it is also possible to directly enter the country with a work permit that will allow you entry but might not guarantee you residence. It is important for you to stay employed in the same company while your green card is being processed.

While there are quite a few alternatives to the green card lottery, it is considered by far the easiest and cheapest method of getting the legal permit to live & work in the USA, as well as bring along any of your immediate family, including children under the age of 21.

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