Green Card Lottery Saudi Arabia


To promote culture and create mutual understanding with the people of another country, the USA aspires to have immigrants over from all parts of world to live and work permanently in the USA. And if living permanently in USA has been your dream, the Green Card Lottery is the way which can make it a reality. Read further to get an insight on how this lottery works and your eligibility to be a part of the diverse US culture.

What is the Green Card Lottery?

55,000 immigrant visas are granted to the citizens of eligible countries from all over the world each year by the Department of State’s Green Card Lottery, officially known as the Diversity Visa Program. As long as you fulfill all the requirements there is a great chance you can be drawn from the randomly selected entries by a computer and be acclaimed as the winner of Green Card Lottery. It’s a golden opportunity for those who want to apply for a green card and live and work permanently in the US.

Green Card Lottery Saudi Arabia

Natives of Saudi Arabia are eligible to apply for the Green Card Lottery because they have sent number of immigrants in the previous years that is lower than the maximum allowed by the official diversity program, unlike the countries that have sent over 50,000 immigrants in the last five years and are now unfortunately ineligible to apply. Winning the lottery means you can apply for a green card and be authorized to live and work and study in the US all your life and also bring your spouse and any children under the age of 21.

You can check the results which are published every year in April !

For the upcoming lottery, Saudi Arabia is on the list of eligible countries with 217 visas granted to its citizens in the previous year through the Diversity Visa Program. Those Saudi citizens, who were able to apply for the green card, are now permitted to move to the USA in order to live and work with no restrictions at all.

Non Immigrant Visa Alternatives

While you have applied for the Green Card Lottery and you await permanent immigration you can always apply for the non-immigrant types of visas and go to the US for a shorter period on
student exchange, business and tourism visa, or a temporary work visa. Remember these won’t give you citizen rights like the immigrant visa.

The relationship between Saudi Arabia and USA

The US-Saudi relationship is one of American most important, stable, and multifaceted bilateral relations in the Middle East. It has been tested by many issues, including oil policies, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and conflict with Iraq. Especially after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on America, in which many of those involved were Saudi dissidents, both sides have critiqued and reevaluated that link.

Immigration from Saudi Arabia to the USA

The first Saudis in the US came as ambassadors and staff to the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington, DC, in the mid 1940s. Following World War II, young men started immigrating to the US to obtain higher educations.

Settlements of Saudi in US

The greatest numbers of Saudis reside in California. Other states with Saudi settlements include Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia.

As a Saudi Arabia citizen who wins a green card in the lottery, you will be entitled to all the benefits a US citizen has such as, working, owning property, studying and living in the USA.
It is FREE to apply for the Green Card Lottery, so you can be the next one to win the Green Card, and get authorized to live and work in US. 

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