Green Card Lottery Spain


If you are a Spanish citizen, or were born in Spain, the US invites you to bring your culture and traditions from Spain and be a part of a country which has a wide acceptance for diversity and promotes tolerance through the Diversity Visa Program. You can receive a permanent visa to live and work in the beautiful country of the United States through the Green Card Lottery.

What is the Green Card Lottery?

The implementation of the well-known Green Card Lottery was done in order to ease the immigrants looking to attain a permanent visa in order to reside in the US. The Green Card Lottery is officially known as the Diversity Visa Program and gives out 55,000 resident visas each fiscal year to citizens of eligible countries that can apply for the green card lottery and get their chance to live and work permanently in the US. Computers randomly select people from the the valid entries who meet the strict eligibility requirements and belong to countries with a low rate of immigration to the US. This could be your chance to make your dream of living
in the US come true.

Green Card Lottery Spain

Spain, NOT being among the countries that have sent more than 50,000 immigrants to the US in the preceding five years and are ineligible to apply for the Green Card Lottery, comes under the list of countries that ARE ELIGIBLE for the Diversity Visa Program. This means that any Spanish citizens or Spanish natives (people whose birth country is Spain) are eligible to apply for the US green card program. If you meet this requirement and you get selected in the random lottery, you will also be allowed to bring your spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 21 with you to the US.

Hundreds of Spanish citizens win green card immigrant visas every year through the Diversity Visa Program. Those citizens are granted the right to live and work in the US and the opportunity of becoming a permanent US citizen.

Relationship between Spain and USA

Spain and the United States have a long history of official relations and are closely associated in many fields. They cooperate in NATO and defense, and their security relations have been strengthened over the course of time. The two countries also cooperate in several other important areas like culture and education. Spain and the U.S. are strong allies in their fight against terrorism and there is strong appreciation for Spanish people within the US.

Immigration from Spain to US

The first settlement in Florida was Spanish, followed by others in New Mexico, California, Arizona, Texas, and Louisiana. The earliest Spanish settlements in the north of Mexico
(known then as New Spain) were the result of the same forces that later led the British to come to that area.

Communities of Spaniards in US

Five areas of the United States have had significant concentrations of Spaniards:
New York City, Florida, California, the Mountain West, and the industrial areas of the Midwest.
For nineteenth-century immigrants, New York City was the most common destination in the United States.

The Green Card Lottery can be your pass to live your dreams and be a permanent US citizen.
Register for the lottery today to maximize your chances of winning.