Green Card Lottery United Kingdom


If you or your spouse were born in the United Kingdom (UK) or have British parents, and would like to find out more information about the green card lottery, please read on for complete details about green card lottery United Kingdom.

The Diversity Visa Program (DV program) has granted 55,000 Green Cards annually since the early 1990′s. It has been nicknamed the Green Card Lottery.  Europe and Africa currently have the largest distribution of green card winners for the diversity visa program (also known as the green card lottery).  Requirements to enter include the equivalent of a high school diploma or two years of work experience that requires training. The chosen winners are also interviewed before the green cards are distributed.

United Kingdom eligibility for the DV program

Immigrants from the United Kingdom have not been eligible to participate in the green card lottery in previous years. The reason for their ineligibility is because the UK has sent over 50,000 immigrants within the last 5 years to the USA. Having said that, this could change in the upcoming green card lottery, as the list of countries that are eligible to apply for a green card changes every year.

It is important to note that the ineligibility of the UK does not extend to Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland which are eligible for the Green Card Lottery. In addition, despite being a native of the United Kingdom, if both parents or a spouse of the individual were born in any of the countries that are eligible for the Green Card Lottery, the applicant can still submit a valid DV (Diversity Visa) application.

Green Card Lottery Alternatives

Individuals who are not eligible for the Green Card Lottery can still receive a Green Card through marriage, relatives, investment, employment, or as a special immigrant.
Special immigrants include refugees and those seeking asylum. If you are an Armed Forces Member, an informant, a person born to a Foreign Diplomat in the US, or a victim of criminal activity. These ways of receiving a green card are unusual for United Kingdom citizens but are possible & lawful ways of obtaining a permanent residency status in the US. In certain circumstances some immigrants can file for a green card without having to leave the US and reside in their native country through the LIFE Act. A V visa is a temporary green card available to spouses and children of a green card holder.

Relationship Between the UK and United States

The United Kingdom and the United States have what Americans and Brits call a “special relationship” which just means that they have a close relationship. In WWI the US and the UK fought together and the US entered the European portion of the conflict in WWII. The two countries were allies during the first Gulf War and the Cold War. In the US Iraq war the UK was the only world power that supported the US. This close relationship began after America declared independence from England. England had controlled colonies in North America until the American Revolution that ended in 1783. Unfortunately hostilities between the two countries
flared up again in the War of 1812.

Trade and economic relations are shared between the United States and the United Kingdom.
United Nations(UN), North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO), World Trade Organization (WTO), G-8 and many other international organizations were founded by the two countries.
It is approximated that the US supports one million jobs in the UK and vice-versa.

British communities in the United States

Immigrants from the UK tend to not form their own communities. Perhaps this is because they find it easy to assimilate in the American culture. In America there are many British citizens who run businesses, television networks, and social networks. Many websites are available to help United Kingdom immigrants with questions.

How to apply for a green card?

While the green card lottery is a free government process many prospective immigrants decide to use the services of green card review and submission services, which offer many benefits including all-year applications, application review, photograph review and re-sizing and automatic submission plan where the green card application is automatically submitted every year on behalf of the applicant until they win.

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