Green Card Tips

The process of becoming a green card holder is not complex, but at the same time, it is important to be aware of several things to ensure that when you do receive your DV-2020 green card, it will not be taken away from you. To do that, we’ve assembled a few useful green card tips that we recommend reviewing carefully.

After you successfully obtain a green card, you need to ensure you are maintaining your green card privilege without abusing your rights as a green card holder.

There are obligations a green card holder should fulfill. It is important to emphasize that a green card is considered a privilege and you cannot claim it as a legal right if you happen to be in situations where you should forfeit the green card for unlawful behavior.

Current Green Card Regulations

According to the current immigration regulations for DV-2020, a person loses their permanent resident status if one of the following conditions happens:

  • If you move to another country where you decide to live permanently
  • If you stay for long periods of time out of the US (more than a year) without getting a permit for re-entry
  • If you stay outside the US for more than 2 years, despite a re-entry permit provided to you
  • If you do not file your taxes while abroad
  • If you declare you are a non-resident when you file your tax report

It is the right of your local US embassy to discriminate and deny Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) privilege even in situations where you have lived out of the US for less than a year

If you change your place of residence, it is very important that you inform the USCIS about your change of address within 10 days. If you have done one of the things listed in the above conditions for losing a permanent resident status, you might end up forfeiting your resident status despite holding a permanent address.

Selective Services

Males who hold a green card which was obtained as part of Diversity Visa 2020 or previous green card lottery programs, need to register with selective services. In cases where the number of men required for the Armed Forces increases, any male US citizens that are aged between 18 to 26 years of age are liable to be recruited to the US Armed Forces.
The registration for the process is online or via the local post office.

Those who fail to register are considered to be non-compliant with the Military Selective Service Act and when convicted it is liable for imprisonment for a period of 5 years with a fine of $250,000.

Claiming False US Citizenship

If you have not obtained a green card or in cases where you have just applied for a green card or for the US Citizenship while awaiting the results of your DV-2015 green card application process, you should not claim that you are a US citizen casually in writing or verbally. When a law enforcement officer investigates you, on convicted or non-convicted grounds, your casual claim can lead to deportation and you might lose your green card.

There are some local elections where you need not have a US citizenship to vote.As a DV-2020 diversity visa holder, you are not entitled to vote in national, state and local elections, which is an exclusive privilege of US citizens and not green card holders.

Being a green card holder, you have the right to sponsor select relatives to live with you permanently. Most green cards expire within 10 years, if you have green cards that are expiring within the next 6 months or so, you have to follow the due renewal procedures.


While getting a green card for this year’s program (DV-2020) can be a lot simpler when using a green card submission service, it is important that you keep updated with the latest immigration rules and regulations in order to ensure you maintain your permanent resident status.

Know the dos and don’ts applicable to being a green card holder to ensure you don’t overdo your rights.

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