Green Card Winners

I Won The Lottery – Now What?

Consular Processing – If You Are Outside the United States

If you are one of the winners of the diversity visa lottery, it is important that you complete the next steps as early as possible. You can also seek help from visa consultants to speed up your preparations.

If you fail to follow up in the right way, it may cost you heavily. You may miss your opportunity all together. In case you do not respond well before the deadline, there are chances that your application may be rejected.

The DV lottery winners need to proceed with the visa application as soon as possible. The duration of visa issuance is limited to the fiscal year lottery was originally intended. This rule applies to all members listed on the application form not just the principal applicant.

Note: If you are present in the United States at the time of selection, you have the option of applying for adjustment of status (only if you meet the eligibility criteria). You can find out more information about adjustment of status later in this ebook.

When Should You Apply For A Visa?

For example, if you emerged successful in DV 2010 lottery, you could only apply for the visa from October 1 2009 through September 30 2010. Remember there are NO CARRY OVERS which means that winners of DV 2010 lottery cannot apply for a visa in October 2011 based on the results of 2010. They need to reapply in upcoming DV lottery and only hope to emerge successful to follow up with the visa application.

Note: In case of death of the principal applicant, all children and spouses who are entitled to derive status based on the “principal” winning entry are no longer eligible.

Are You Current on Your Rankings and Visa Bulletin

After winning the diversity visa lottery, you have a fifty percent chance of acquiring a permanent resident status (there are twice the number of applicants to available green cards). You should check your ranking (the last eight digits of your case number) as soon as you receive your notification. Your ranking should be at or below the numbers listed in the visa bulletin published on the US Department of State official website for you to be “current” and ready for visa application. Remember you can only appear for an interview if the visa is available for the geographical region you applied from (i.e. your country of eligibility). Even if you are not called initially for an interview, you may be called later on, if it is found that someone else provided misleading information in their application, have a criminal record, or a number of other factors that can disqualify them.

How Should I Proceed?

As a winner of Diversity Visa lottery, you need to first fill in your forms. You then have to put all your official documents in one place to show them at the time of interview at your Embassy/ Consulate before you are issued a visa.

You need to provide evidence that confirms that you are capable of supporting yourself in the United States at the time of interview, and will not become a PUBLIC LIABILITY. (Lack of financial support in the US is a huge challenge for many lottery winners as it may prevent them from qualifying for a green card).