How to apply for a green card

If you are wondering how to apply for a green card and what type of green card visa is most suitable for your circumstances, please read below.

There are different types of immigrant visas other than the Diversity Visa (DV) that can qualify towards applying for a green card; however, the green card lottery is the most cost effective of all.

One of the main advantages of the DV program is that it does not require a US sponsor while other major immigrant visas require a petition filed by a US sponsor, who can be a relative, employer, LPR (Legal Permanent Resident) or others as declared eligible by the US Department of State to apply.

The USA has lots to offer and working towards becoming a lawful permanent resident is worth the effort. Applicants of the green card lottery program can bring their spouse and minor children below 21 years of age along by enrolling them for the DV lottery as well.

Winning the Diversity Visa provides you with the right to live and work in the US. If you do not have the time and the language / computer skills that are required to submit a green card application according to the rules,

it is recommended that you contact one of the green card application processing Services that help people from around the world with their green card applications.

The requisite to apply for a green card is not the same for all immigrants. Different visa types have different eligibility conditions and restrictions. When you are applying for the green card, you have to ensure you are using the online green card application that is applicable for Diversity Visa Immigrants.

Signing up with Visa services that offer multi-year submission programs, preparation and follow up of Visa applications can be of great help to those who do not have the time / skills to do it themselves.

Those who are confused about the different form types and the methods to apply for the greed card would do better, seeking the help from a qualified professional. Qualified professionals can help you fill the forms correctly without errors. They ensure that the photographs used are as required by the DV regulations and the form is completed to the requirements of the US Department of State. By seeking the help of a professional, you can avoid the rejection of application due to silly avoidable errors. Some consultation services also provide free airline tickets to winners of the lottery that used their services, as well as assistance in finding work when arriving to the US.

Winning the green card is strenuous; however, once you get it, you can enter and leave the US without the fear of losing your resident status. Of course, you have to renew your green card once in 10 years or as mandated by the change in US law.

When you get a green card, you can apply for government grants and you can register your own business in the US. You can also purchase assets, estates, home, automobiles, and more.
You might also be eligible for social security benefits when you fulfill the required conditions and your children can get a green card easily. Even after your death, your family can continue to work and live in the US with their green card status. Insurance becomes easy and affordable for the green card holder, than for those who live using other immigrant visas.You enjoy all the rights of a typical US citizen with a green card except for the privilege of being able to vote. However, if you have been a green card holder for specific number of years with clean records you can apply for US citizenship by using the naturalization application process that follows an exclusive set of guidelines. Naturalized residents enjoy the privilege to vote as well.

It takes great moral character to qualify for naturalization though. The terms are a long list and it is a smart move to sign up with Visa Services making your application process smoother and less confusing.