Leaving for the United States

If your application for immigrant visa gets approved, the consular officer will place an immigrant visa sticker on your passport. This sticker will help you enter the United States. You will also be given a sealed envelope that has to be presented at the time of your arrival. You should enter the United States within six months of your immigration visa being stamped and claim your permanent resident status, i.e. your green card.

Upon your arrival in the United States, you will be questioned by the immigration inspector. You will be asked to present your passport to verify your visa and your reason for entering the United States. After confirmation, the immigration officer will stamp your passport ‘Lawful Permanent Resident’ and give you a completed I-94 form which should be kept securely. This form acts as your arrival and departure record and indicates how long you may stay legally in the United States. Your green card will arrive in your mail at the address you mentioned on your form.