Permanently live and work in the USA

Overview of the Diversity Visa program

Do you want to have the right to legally and permanently live and work in the USA?
The USA is a great place to live in. Millions of people aspire to gain the right to permanently live & work in the land of the free.
Eligible citizens from countries with reported low immigration rates to the US have the opportunity to win a chance to work and live in USA via the green card lottery program.
The congressional mandated, diversity immigrant visa program, controlled by,
‘The Department of State, Office of Visa Services,’ invites applications from eligible citizens
to win a chance to work and live in the US every year.

Aim of the Diversity Visa Program

This aim of the DV program is to encourage people from low immigration zones to enter the US, contributing to the economic benefit of the US, and thereby receiving the right to impermanently live & work in the US. The eligibility norms are simple yet stringent for the 50,000 diversity visas released per year.
Aspiring applicants should understand the entire procedure involved in the DV program to ensure they are completing the application forms correctly to avoid rejection of their application due to minor errors.

Applying for the Visa Lottery

Aspiring applicants can log on to the official US government website and apply from there directly during the entry period for the lottery, which is around October every year.
The DV visa lottery entry does not cost any money and is completely FREE.
The visa lottery program also allows applicants to bring their family to the US.
However, the application for the DV visa lottery should include all members of the family that are under 21 in order to allow them to join their parents if and when they are successful with their green card application process.

For applicants who are not speaking fluent English or are simply too busy to familiarize themselves with the required rules & regulations of the visa lottery, there are consultants offering help in multiple languages. The consultants help you fill the visa lottery application form correctly. The good consultancy services operate all year round, so you are no longer limited to the 1 month of the year when the US department of state website is open for applications.
The consultants review your application ahead of the official visa lottery submission period to ensure your details are ready and are in line with the forthcoming lottery regulations.
In addition, they review your passport photos and make sure they meet the strict green card photo requirements and if needed, advise you of your need to change the photo, or if possible, they re-size the photos to the requirements.

Filling Application Forms for the Visa Lottery

It takes basic form filling skills to complete the visa lottery forms yourself. In addition, there is a requirement to submit a digital photos of all the family members that are included in your application. The photos have to meet strict guidelines and applications are often disqualified because applicants didn’t meet those rules.
Those who are not good with computers or English, concerned about spelling, photos or other data errors can get help from reliable consultants who ensure their application is correct and will not be disqualified.
The Department of State will not send any mail or e-mail to notify the selected applicants.
The DIVP entrants (Diversity Visa Immigrant Program), whether selected or not selected,
should check the status of their application by clicking on to the DV entry status section
during the prescribed time at the respective pages.
Green card consultant services, often track it for you as well.
Please also note that whenever you use the services of reliable and professional
visa lottery consultancy services, they will be sending you at the end of the application process
the application confirmation number as evidence of their submission of your green card application.

Visa lottery eligibility

Citizens from nations that have sent more than 50,000 immigrants within the past 5 years to the US are not eligible to apply for the Visa lottery.
Applicants should have the prescribed educational credentials and eligible employment experience as well.
Applicants who submit multiple application forms disqualify automatically.
Wrong spellings, fake information, or insufficient proofs to support eligibility information provided in the application also lead to disqualification.
The rules of applying to the green card lottery are listed every year on the US department of state website as soon as the lottery opens to the public.
Please make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules every year, as they are constantly updated.

Random Selection

After the completion of the electronic registration for the diversity visa lottery,a specialized computer program randomly selects the successful applicants.
After registering the application form, applicants get a unique confirmation number on the confirmation screen.
The unique confirmation number is important in order to check the entry status and lottery results
at the US government website. Subsequent interviews lead to Visa stamps and the right to live in USA.

For more information on the official diversity visa program, please click here