UAE Green Card Lottery


If you are a national of UAE or your spouse or parents were born in the UAE and would like to find out more information about UAE Green Card Lottery eligibility, please continue reading below. USA attracts a lot of immigrants throughout the world due to its diverse culture and acceptance of the people from different regions. You can win a residence visa to the US, to live and work there by winning the Green Card Lottery, it’s as easy as it sounds, read further for more details about the green card lottery !

What is the Green Card Lottery?

To ease matters for the potential immigrants, the Department of State implemented the Green Card Lottery, officially known as Diversity Visa Program granting 55,000 residence visas each year to the people from eligible countries. The program provides an equal chance for all eligible people to apply for the green card which allows winners to live and work permanently in the US. The selection of people is done by computers which randomly pick the people who pass all the eligibility requirements and completed a valid application. These people are from the countries with an immigration rate to the US lower than the set benchmark. This can be your chance to win a lifetime visa to the US.

UAE Green Card Lottery Eligibility

The countries that have sent more than 50,000 immigrants to the US in the last five years are ineligible to apply, but since you are from UAE, you come under the list of countries eligible to apply for the Green Card Lottery and win a permanent residence in the US. Any native of the
United Arab Emirates will also be allowed to bring their spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 21 to the United States. In October, the US Department of State officially open the lottery for applications for a period of 1 month during which all applications must be received.

30 Citizens of the UAE won permanent immigrant visas in the year 2010, through the Diversity Visa Program. Those UAE citizens were given the option to live and work permanently in the US. This year the opportunity to gain a permanent resident status with a green card in the US can be yours!

Non Immigrant Visa Alternatives

Non-Immigrant Visas:
There are many other ways you can gain access to visit the US on a non-immigrant type of visa. There are visas for student exchange for study purposes, temporary work visas, journalist, business, tourism, or for training reasons. These visas are generally for a shorter
period of time than immigrant visas.

The Relationship between UAE and USA

United Arab Emirates (UAE) and USA are reliable allies with shared security and economic interests. These countries maintain a friendly relation and this relation developed strongly after the American-led coalition’s campaign to end the Iraqi operation in Kuwait. The US was the third country to establish formal diplomatic relations with the UAE and has had an ambassador resident in the UAE since 1974.

Immigration from UAE to the USA

The first Arabs to immigrate to the US were believed to accompany the Spanish in the 15th century. Arabs did not start immigrating to the US in significant numbers till 19th century.
A large number of Arabs immigrated to the US during the period of 1870-1924, and 90 percent professing Christianity as opposed to only 40 percent in the second wave.

Arabic Communities in the USA

Arabs make up roughly 1.2 percent of the overall US population. Approximately 94 percent of all Arab immigrants live in metropolitan areas. Almost all Arab Americans live in or around just three cities: New York, Los Angeles and Detroit.

Apply for the Green Card Lottery now and make your dream to live and work in the US a reality.