US Green Card Lottery Vs. Canadian Visa – which is better for Australian citizens?

While the Australian visa lottery through the United States DV program offers a wealth of opportunity, it is not the only immigration option for Australians. Canada also offers an enticing variety of options for potential immigrants ranging from work visas to full on permanent residency depending on qualifications. The differences between the two processes may not be clear, so here is a bit of information to help you get started.

Cash Considerations

The Australian visa lottery for the United States DV program is entirely free, first and foremost. You won’t have to pay a dime for the opportunity itself, though may incur minimal costs for postage and possibly travel if you win.

Canada does not offer a lottery program for their visa. It’s a paid process through and through. The upside to this is that you aren’t hoping for your name to be drawn at random from a system. As long as you are eligible and the Canadian government accepts your submission, you won’t have to get lucky.

Once again, Canada DOES NOT offer a lottery program. Any websites that offer you a chance to participate in a “Canadian Visa Lottery” are running a scam. Going through the immigration section of the Canadian government’s webpage is the most safe and informative method of applying for a Canadian Visa of any kind.

Different Kinds of Visas

The free Australian visa lottery for the United States DV program offers one kind of visa. This Green Card provides permanent residency, employment and education opportunities, and a variety of other services rendered in the US. It also confers similar benefits to eligible family members, including your spouse and all unmarried children under the age of 21.

Canada’s immigration service offers a variety of options for visas. These are split into several different categories depending on the qualifications of the individual. The Federal Skilled Workers Program, for example, is a work visa program for skilled professions that evaluates your qualifications on a point system through testing. The focus of this particular test is on language skills, age, education, work experience, your career field, and adaptability. This is one of several work visas or immigration options available, so feel free to browse this page for further information on Canadian visas.

Ease of Access

Though the free Australian visa lottery for the United States DV program may seem difficult, the process is fairly straightforward. The two strictest requirements are that your country is eligible, and that you have the minimum two years work experience or secondary education to be personally eligible. It also requires personal information and photographs of family members for the sake of verification.

Though Canada’s process leads to a virtually guaranteed visa assuming the submission is in order, it’s not a simple process. Many of the Canadian visa programs require not only a vast amount of information, but also competency tests and skill evaluations. The process can be further complicated by the several varieties of visa, and you may be confused regarding what you should be apply for. The Australian visa lottery 2018 accepts any application so long as they meet the minimum requirements, but a score of less than 67 on certain Canadian tests may lead to disqualification. You may even be disqualified by virtue of your occupation if your position isn’t one that Canada is looking to fill.

Differences Between the Countries

Beyond the visa process itself, the living conditions in Canada and the US may influence your decision on where to seek your visa.

One of Canada’s most touted advances over their southern neighbors is that of free healthcare. This is a benefit that would be conferred to you upon securing a Canadian Visa. The Canadian government also boasts competitive pay and benefits for skilled labor, a high standard of living and a higher than average rate of home ownership among the “Millennial Generation” (ages 25-34) than the United States.

The Australian visa lottery 2018 for the United States DV Program is, once again, entirely free. Securing a permanent residency Green Card to the United States opens up a wealth of benefits including education, career opportunities, a high standard of living and social programs designed to support residents and immigrants. The United States also makes it substantially easier to become a citizen comparable to Canada. Canada requires you to understand a moderate amount of both English and French, and to maintain permanent residency for roughly four years. The United States requires only three years of permanent residency as green card holder, and an understanding of English.

As always, further research is encouraged before committing to either country’s process. The United States Government and Canadian Government websites provide a wealth of information on demographics, laws, immigration and other considerations that could factor into your decision.

Be sure to carefully deliberate the pros and cons of these options, as well as any others. Best of luck with whatever opportunities you decide to take!


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